59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.

Nothing gets attention like video. Any marketer will tell you that.

Everyone wants to stand out in the job search…. and nearly everyone knows the keyword gimmicks and tricks– so they really arent tricks– but a recruiter will just ignore you if you don’t play the keyword game. How do you REALLY stand out? How can you get noticed in the first step?

Stop wasting your time with PDFs and word docs and start embracing the technology most of us already carry every day with the new Headhunter app. With Headhunter you simply enhance that boring document with video clips of YOU! Showcase your talent, personality, and background with HD video. The “soft skills” in your videos are what the employer really wants to see.

You get a free link to your HH profile that can be texted to the guy you just met at lunch, or emailed to the manager your girlfriend knows, or pasted to the top of your cover letter with the words “To see a video preview of me, click here”.

Moth to the flame. This is how you get noticed. And it’s not a gimmick like keywords being vomited all over a document or better yet hidden in headers, metadata, etc. The Headhunter profile is who you REALLY are. Employers can make better decisions which saves everyone a lot of time.

Best of all, nobody can contact you on Headhunter without the job seeker having expressed MUTUAL INTEREST in a video job preview given by the employer.

There’s nothing else like this. Click this LinkedIN video post to learn more.

Headhunter is empowering both sides of the job search. Watch the video below or click above to start creating your LAST resume ever and START getting noticed by employers.

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