Videos might seem tough at first, but they aren’t! Just think of what you say a HUNDRED times to potential candidates. It’s OK to look down at notes, but don’t try to cover EVERY little detail. The BEST seekers just want to meet you!

Don’t overthink the videos. Be genuine. Make a selfie! No need to be a Hollywood producer. As long as they can see and hear you it’ll turn out fine. Don’t worry about fancy setups.
For the best applications, create at least two videos about 30-60 seconds each. 
Video #1: Captions “Why we are hiring this role” or “Day-to-Day Responsibilities” are very common here.
  • Hi! My name is ____ and company intro
  • We are hiring a ____ because we need…
  • This is what we do here… and it’s awesome!
Video #2: “Work Environment” or another “Day to Day Responsibilities” (talking from behind the camera while showing the facility/job is perfectly fine)
  • Day-to-day job description, the software they use, the truck they’ll drive, the cubicle, etc.
  • This is where you’ll work or this is your work area
  • Videos that start at the front door are powerful and genuine. Just talk behind the camera and show off your space!
Video #3: “To Succeed Here, You’ll Need”
  • Specific hard skills needed or preferred
  • Training preferred/required, willing to train
Video #4 “Our Company Culture” or “Meet the Team”
  • Grab a coworker or recent hire
  • Show who they will be working with each day
  • Adapting to COVID, meet the CEO, office parties/activities, perks, etc
Make up to 6 videos. The more you show, the better your video applications will be. Really drive home what you wish more people took away from the job description. You can tap and drag your thumbnail clips to whatever order you prefer.

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