It’s really embarrassing. The inefficiencies across the board when it comes to filling a position and/or looking for a new job are just plain scary. And to think of how much MONEY is spent on these platforms! Yuck! The worst deal/bust in professional sports is probably still a better deal than what most hiring managers get out of these expensive ATS (applicant tracking systems) and job boards. The data and results haven’t changed. People hate looking for jobs and the hiring managers are frustrated by the lack of success. The pain is on both sides of the table… and it is ugly.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to market gurus like Liz Ryan on LinkedIN/Forbes: “The recruiting process is profoundly broken. Every aspect of the traditional recruiting system is badly designed and badly executed. If we applied the most basic usability or quality standards we value in other business processes to the simple act of hiring a new employee, we’d be horrified to see how foolish and destructive our recruiting processes have become.”

She goes on to make SO MANY great points (the 1200+ comments on the article support that)… but nobody in the market has addressed the issues– until Headhunter came along with our awesome mobile app. Let’s show how Headhunter fixes the two big issues Liz brings up in her awesome article:

  1. Delusional Job Ads: No matter if for an entry level food service position or an executive manager, the job ads are out of control. Too often the ads are driving people away with intimidating language or complicated operational terms that simply turn a lot of people off. “Well, then they aren’t qualified for MY COMPANY”, you say? Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker with who is desperately trying to improve their situation as fast as possible without wasting time and without missing rent or their kid’s dance recital.
    • Headhunter Solution: All Job Listings are required to have video job previews of the workplace, supervisor, co-workers, where you’re actually gonna be working, etc. Nothing clears up the haze from a wild job description like actually showing the person some video.
  2. Online Applications: Why?? WHY!???! Your employee is just as important as your customer. Would you ever ask a customer to fill out a 30 minute form with VERY personal and sensitive information before you’ll sell them anything? Time and time again we see articles about how many online forms are filled out per day by a job seeker only to get automated replies or no reply at all. How does the employer even know I would ACCEPT the job in the first place? Why spend hours and days filling out forms for jobs you probably aren’t willing to take (you just don’t know enough about them yet)? Job applications should NOT be the first step. Keywords and algorithms? Talk about dehumanizing…
    • Headhunter Solution: “Mutual Interest” within the app saves both people a LOT of time. It’s what we refer to as being “pre-qualified”. A job seeker views the job listing’s video previews and adds it as a “favorite” if they are interested. The hiring manager gets a notification and can view the job seeker’s video profile and mark it as a favorite or ignore it. Once there is mutual interest the communication channels are opened in the app and the manager can email the candidate a link to the job application (or anything else they want for the next step). The candidate will be excited to patiently fill out the forms because they know there is mutual interest and a higher likelihood of job acceptance. The risk of falling into the “black hole” is significantly reduced.
  3. Pain Letters Aren’t Practical: Hey, I like where Liz is going with this, but it just isn’t practical when you’re applying to 5 jobs per day (or more!). Wanna get noticed? Get on their Smartphone with Headhunter.

Yes, the recruiting system is broken. It’s not any single person’s fault. The process stinks everywhere, so don’t be too hard on someone for not replying and don’t judge a sheet full of words too harshly.

People need a job. People WANT a job. The job finding process should NEVER be a hindrance to someone improving their life. Sadly, it has become a pain point and Headhunter is trying to fix it.

The technology, convenience, easiness, and the transparency both sides need to hire better is now available… all in our FREE app.


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