A common issue in today’s hiring world is discrimination in the workplace… especially during the recruiting and hiring process. Unfortunately, we live in a world where bigots exist, but thankfully they are few and far between. Headhunter’s technology is a tool for inclusiveness, fairness, and diversity. Like any new technology there are always a few people who try to use it for negative things, but the positive opportunities far outweigh the bad! We don’t just allow employers to seek out candidates that help them meet their goals and enhance their culture (and in a shorter amount of time!), but we help job seekers find the better fit THEY are looking for, and it CANNOT be efficiently executed without transparency. This is a key element to the Headhunter solution. We aren’t just a pool of “video resumes”. We allow BOTH sides of the table to have complete transparency at the onset in order to make the recruiting and job search experience better for everyone. Headhunter provides employers with bigger pools of self-qualified candidates to choose from when starting the hiring process. When 90% of the personal interviews (whether they be by phone, digital, or face-to-face) end up being legitimate potential hires, the company (and the candidate) wins. However, rounds of interviews are rarely this successful using traditional, yet expensive, methods.

Fear Fosters Inefficiency and Disengagement: Most job seekers don’t have the TIME, money (78% live paycheck-to-paycheck) and emotional capital to search and wait for the perfect job with the culture and diversity they desire. This can takes weeks or even months! Billions of dollars have been spent to make hiring a better experience, but the lack of success is clearly evident by the 45 days it takes to fill the average position as well as the attitudes of the job seekers. Recently, 71.6% of survey respondents described online job search technology as frustrating, 66.4% said it was disappointing, and 41.6% called it depressing. Heck, 65% of the workforce is “disengaged” and doesn’t feel like they are valued or fit the culture of their company. If something doesn’t change in the process, then we are asking to continue on this downward spiral. This is a much bigger threat to our society and economy than discrimination (although it does NOT excuse it).

Whether you interview people via telephone, video or in person, or just look at their CV or social media profiles (VERY COMMON and actually embraced in the recruiting world), people can pick up clues as to their gender, age, race, social standing, etc. Headhunter is a tool meant to include and embrace the intangibles like personality, character, and communication skills that so many people bring to the table, but they may not be able to express it on a sheet of paper due to a lack of education or job search training. In this respect, Headhunter video profiles are MORE inclusive (and effective) for a job seeker than traditional paper/online applications.

The fact is that people on both sides of the table are getting more comfortable with video, smartphones, and the tech that increases transparency sooner rather than later. We cannot ask for more transparency, more data, more speed, and more efficiency but then dismiss the opportunity due to a little fear. Our industry must change and the managers within it must not resist the change out of fear. We should embrace the overwhelmingly positive opportunities that come from modern technology that relieves a major pain point of job seekers. Do we want happier employees and higher engagement? Well, it starts with mutual transparency, and more of it, at the very first step of recruiting.

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