Most of us have either asked a person we know or had someone we know ask us for a “hook up” when they want a job.

“It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.”  Yes, it is a cliche but that doesn’t mean it it isn’t true. Generally speaking, most companies find an employee referral to be cheaper and more effective than other types of recruiting, so they welcome the practice.

Most of us have either asked a person we know or had someone we know ask us for a “hook up” when they want a job. If you find yourself at a highly desirable company then it may happen a lot more to you. And that’s a GOOD thing! Who DOESN’T want to help someone out, especially when it’s something as important as their career and livelihood. It gets a little complicated when you factor in how well you know the person. A Facebook “friend” isn’t necessarily and “friend”, right? Some people are more of an acquaintance, or a friend of a friend… and that’s OK, but just because you know they aren’t a serial killer doesn’t mean you think they would be a good fit for your company.

When people ask for a “hook up”, they usually aren’t expecting YOU to hire them on the spot. (How very reasonable of them!) They’re likely hoping you will forward their resume to the hiring manager and then tell that manager how great they are. Or they want you to promise them an interview. Or they want you to give them the email or personal contact of the hiring manager. The expectations quickly get awkward and sometimes unreasonable.

Most likely it is a friend of a friend or someone you see a couple times per year that is asking you for help. They are pumping their personal network because job boards are a complete nightmare and take all personalization out of the process (83% of seekers are frustrated with the job search process). They know their resume or application is likely to NEVER get seen with human eyes. You’d love to help them out, but you also don’t want them to get too excited. Further, you have a reputation at work and don’t want to refer someone that could make you look bad. Further, what if they get an interview, it goes well, but then reject the job offer? Most of us have seen this happen.

Headhunter makes referrals much easier and efficient. Using your mobile phone, share a Headhunter job listing via TEXT with your seeker friend and tell them to check out the video job preview FIRST. If interested, they add to “favorites” and the hiring manager will get an immediate notification to view the seeker’s video profile on the Headhunter mobile app. If there’s mutual interest they can contact each other… all you did was send someone a text and wipe your hands of the situation.

If no job listing exists but may open soon, the seeker can still create their own video profile on Headhunter. From the app, they’ll share the link to their profile and you can forward to your buddy in HR saying “hey, I know this guy a little but check him out here and see what you think”.

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