Easy Integration. No Training Required. (1 Minute VIDEO)

Headhunter is super easy to integrate. Just copy and paste the job link into your existing job advertisement. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using. The job seeker will be relieved to not be forced into another long and frustrating job application....

Personalized Experiences Overlooked in Hiring

This has been on my mind a lot. I love technology and the efficiencies it offers, but there is still plenty of room for personal contact and social experiences. I often run across articles like this that remind companies about personalized customer services. Replace...

Mobile Job Search is a Growing Trend

It’s not just the millennials doing the job searching on smartphones… data shows nearly every age group does the majority on a mobile device. Headhunter let’s you embrace this trend. Society is moving away from text-based job applications and resumes...

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